Centers for Disease Control (Taiwan)

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Centers for Disease Control
Jíbìng Guǎnzhì Shǔ (Mandarin)
Chhi̍t-phiang Kón-chṳ Su (Hakka)
ROC Centers for Disease Control Emblem.svg
Agency overview
Formed1 July 1999
JurisdictionRepublic of China
HeadquartersZhongzheng, Taipei
Minister responsible
Parent agencyMinistry of Health and Welfare
Centers for Disease Control building

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC; Chinese: 衛生福利部疾病管制署; pinyin: Wèishēng Fúlì Bù Jíbìng Guǎnzhì Shǔ; Pe̍h-ōe-jī: Ōe-seng Hok-lī Pō͘ Chi̍t-pēⁿ Koán-chè Sú) is the agency of the Ministry of Health and Welfare of Republic of China that combats the threat of communicable diseases.[2]


The agency was established on 1 July 1999.[3]

Organizational structures[edit]

  • Information Management Office
  • Secretariat
  • Personnel Office
  • Civil Service Ethics Office
  • Accounting and Statistics Office


  • Division of Planning and Coordination
  • Division of Infection Control and Biosafety
  • Division of Acute Infectious Diseases
  • Division of Chronic Infectious Diseases
  • Division of Preparedness and Emerging Infectious Diseases
  • Division of Quarantine
  • Epidemic Intelligence Center
  • Center for Diagnostics and Vaccine Development


  • Taipei Regional Center
  • Northern Regional Center
  • Central Regional Center
  • Eastern Regional Center
  • Southern Regional Center
  • Kaohsiung-Pingtung Regional Center[4]


The headquarter center is accessible within walking distance south of Shandao Temple MRT station of Taipei Metro.

Methadone Program[edit]

The agency subsidizes a methadone maintenance treatment program in Taiwan. This includes providing methadone for addicts as well as providing psychiatrists, nurses, and case works, additionally the program "also provides educational programs for specific patients who were under conditions of deferred prosecution."[5]

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