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Cention Group, Ltd
Industry Contact centre
Founded 1999
Headquarters Stockholm, Sweden
Key people
Henrik Ericsson CEO
Christian Stamgren COB
Products Cention Contact Centre
Cention QuickAsk
Cention Automatic Answers
Website Worldwide [1]

Cention Group Ltd is a privately held contact centre software supplier, which specialises on enterprise solutions for on-line channels like e-mail, sms, chat and smart site search solutions (Sometimes called "site assistants"). The software is geared both towards in-house or on-demand SaaS deployment.

Centions product is Cention Contact Centre, which is claimed to enable the modern contact centre to handle more e-mail using fewer resources.[citation needed] By providing proper system support, part of the process can be automated. Also included are tools to facilitate follow-up and report-writing.

Cention is located in Stockholm Sweden with its global headquarters in Stockholm Sweden. Within Cention Group there are two wholly owned subsidiaries, Cention AB and Cention Pvt Ltd. Cention AB is the company responsible for sales, marketing and partner strategy. It is a privately owned Swedish company, headquartered in Stockholm. Cention Pvt Ltd is the production company where R&D, production and development is handled. This is a Bangladeshi Pvt company, registered in Dhaka.

Cention have managed to expand its business through a well structured partner strategy and teaming up with major consultancy companies world wide.[citation needed] Cention have presence in Europe, The Americas and Asia.


In that time a pioneer in knowledge management applications for contact centres, Cention released the product Xmail, one of the first products on the market to give agents/operators suggestions for answer based on a self learning knowledge base.[citation needed] The product was later rebranded as Cention Contact Centre as more modules were added.

In August 2007, Cention finalised the acquisition of Askology AB, with patented technology researched and developed for over 9 years at the Swedish Royal Institute of Technology for matching language patterns (Natural language processing) making Cention one of the Leaders in Automated Correspondence on-line. Cention has coverage in all European markets, the Americas and Asia.[citation needed]

Cention was founded in 2001 and released the first version of Cention Contact Centre around 2000.

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