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Origin Moscow, Russia
Genres Hip hop
Years active 2004–present[1][2]
Labels ЦАО Records (TSAO Records)
Associated acts DJ Hobot
Website www.centrgroup.ru
Members Ptaha aka Zanuda (David Nuriev)
Slim (Vadim Motylyov)
Guf aka Rolexx (Aleksei Dolmatov) (2004–2009, 2014-present)
Princip aka Prince (2004–2005)
DJ Shved (2007–2009)

CENTR (Russian: «Центр» or CENTR) is a Russian hip hop group from Moscow.[3] Winner of the MTV Russia Music Award for Best Hip Hop Project in 2008.[4][5]

It was established in 2004 in Moscow[1] by rappers Guf and Princip.

The main theme of the lyrics is stories from life (including stories connected with drugs).[6][7]


The group was formed in 2004[1] by two Moscow rappers Rolexx and the Princip. Initially, they wrote an unofficial album "Подарок" (Podarok / Gift), but only 13 copies of it were made and given up to their close friends for the New Year.

Since 2002, Aleksey Dolmatov, also known as Guf, worked on his first album "Подарок" (Podarok / Gift).

In 2006 the group "Dymovaya Zavesa" (Smoke screen) and Guf released the new album - "Этажи" (Etazhi / Floors). In 2006–2007 participants of "Centr" republished the first album "Подарок" (Podarok / Gift). In 2006 Guf, Slim and the Ptaha wrote down the songs "Мутные Замуты" ("Mutnye zamuty" / "Cloudy trafficking") and "Жара 77" ("Heat 77"), written specially for the movie "Heat".

Soon they began writing songs connected with drugs. At the end of 2006 "Centr" created a label "ЦАО records" "TsAO Records" were the Dymovaya Zavesa's album "Etazhi" ("Floors") was rewrited. In 2007 Guf recorded his solo album "Город Дорог" ("Gorod Dorog" / "City of roads") which was recognized as the one of the best albums of the year.

On October 25, 2007 the group released its debut album "Kacheli" ("Качели", "The Swing").[8][9] Princip, co-founder of the group went out of prison and after release wrote down the songs "Железное небо" (Zheleznoe nebo / Iron Sky) and "Исповедь" (Ispoved' / Confession) featuring Centr. The songs have entered an album "Качели" (Kacheli / The swing), one year later — an autobiographical couplet for the song "Будни" (Budni/Everyday life) on an album "Эфир. В норме" ("Efir. V norme" / "Broadcast. Normal") In 2007 Guf and Basta write the second soundtrack, the new edition of the single "Моя игра" (Moya Igra / My game), to the movie "Бой с тенью 2: Реванш" (Boy s ten'yu 2: Revansh/"Shadowboxing 2: Revenge")

On September 9, 2008 the group performed in the Day of the Actor broadcast on A-One (TV channel).

In 2008 Centr released the second album, "Эфир в норме" ("Efir. V norme"/"Broadcast. Normal"), the main themes of the album were drugs, Moscow streets and police. The group wins the award "MTV RMA" together with Basta for the song "City of roads" from the album "The Swing". In 2008 the group becomes the main headliner of the 1st day of the international Splash festival! in Russia carried out in Moscow in a skatepark "Adrenaline", organized which Phlatline.

In the summer of 2009 Princip was arrested again. The same summer, in June, Guf left the group.[3][4][10][11] He declared it in the interview. In September, 2009 there was the Slim's debut album "Холодно" (Holodno/It's Cold) and the music video to the track of the same name. In October there was also a debut album of Ptaha "Ни о чем" (Ni o chom/About anything). In December there was the second Guf's studio album "Дома" (Doma/At home) which has been let out any more on "TsAO". On January 7, 2010 Ptaha in the interview declared about the group disintegration. However, despite that, Centr group tours (now as Slim & Ptaha) proceeded as planned. After the dissolution of the group the music video for the song "Легко ли быть молодым" (Legko li byt' molodym? / Is being young easy?) was released. It was released because under the terms of the contract with the label, Centr was supposed to record two music videos for the "Broadcast.Normal" album. Each participant of group was recorded separately at different times and in different places, so they didn't see each other (Though Slim and Ptaha were often crossed)

On November 3, 2011, after long transfers, a collaboration album between the remaining members of Centr and a young group called "Легенды ПРО" (Legendy PRO/Legends PRO), named "Легенды ПРО... Centr" ("Legends PRO … Centr") was finally released to positive critical reception. The simple album title is actually a careful wordplay, because "Pro" (as in "professional") also means "About" in Russian - so the title can be read as either "Legends PRO... (&) Centr" or "Legends about Centr". At the end of March, 2012 there passed the hip-hop-award Stadium RUMA 2012 where the album "Legends PRO… Centr" became "An album of year", and Slim also won the nomination "Rapper of Year".

In October 2014, rap.ru (one of the biggest rap-sites in Russia, similar to XXL in the US), published an interview [12] with all three original members of Centr, who after three years started recording together again. In autumn 2015 Centr as Guf, Slim & Ptaha have gone on a Russia-wide concert tour. On September 21, when performing in Krasnoyarsk, Guf and Slim were arrested after the show, charged for "usage of drugs" (cocaine in their case), which is still a serious crime in Russia.[13] However both were released on September 27 with no further charges pressed.[14] On October 13 a press-conference with Guf, Slim and their lawyer was held in Moscow.[15] Upcoming third album of Centr is coming in spring 2016 according to Centr themselves.[16]



  • 2007 - Качели (Kacheli/Swing)(Guf/Slim/Птаха)
  • 2008 - Эфир в норме (Efir v norme/Air in norm) Centr (Guf/Slim/Птаха) 2008
  • 2011 - Легенды про…Centr (Legendy pro ... centr/Legends about Centr) Centr (Птаха/Slim) & «Легенды про…» (П.Ё.С./Дым/Быба/Ahimas) 2011

Solo albums of the participants[edit]

  • «Подарок» (Podarok/Gift) (by Rolexx & Принцип) (2005)
  • «Город дорог» (Gorod dorog/City of roads) (by Guf) (2007)
  • «Холодно» (Holodno/It's Cold) (by Slim) (2009)
  • «Ни о чём» (by Птаха (Ptaha)) (2009)
  • «Папиросы» (Papirosy/Cigarettes) (by Зануда (Zanuda)) (2010)
  • «Отличай людей» (by Slim) (2011)
  • «Азимут» (Azimut) (by Slim & Konstanta) (2011)
  • «Весна-лето» (Vesna-Leto/Spring-Summer) (EP) (by Slim) (2012)
  • «Cen-Тропе»(CEN-TRope) (by Slim) (2012)
  • «Старые тайны»(Starie Tayny/Old Secrets) (by Зануда (Zanuda)) (2012)
  • EP 2013 (EP) (by Slim, Раскольников (Raskolnikov), Барбитурный (Barbiturny)) (2013)

Awards and nominations[edit]

  • 2008: MTV Russia Music Award for Best Hip Hop Project (Centr feat. Basta "Gorod Dorog")[4]


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