Central African Republic Air Force

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Central African Republic Air Force
Roundel of the Central African Republic.svg
Founded 1961
Country  Central African Republic
Branch Air Force
Role Aerial warfare
Part of Central African Republic Armed Forces

The Central African Republic Air Force (French: Force Aérienne Centrafricaine) is the aerial warfare branch of the Central African Republic Armed Forces.

The Air Force is reported to be almost inactive due to the unserviceability of its aircraft. Dassault Mirage F1s of the French Air Force regularly patrol troubled regions of the country and also participate in direct confrontations.[1] According to some sources, former President François Bozizé used the money he got from the mining concession in Bakouma to buy two old Mil Mi-8 helicopters from Ukraine and one Lockheed C-130 Hercules, built in the 1950s, from the USA.[2] The air force otherwise operates several light aircraft, including a single helicopter.


Current inventory[edit]

Aircraft Origin Type Variant In service Notes
BN-2 United Kingdom transport 2[3]
AS350 France utility / liaison AS350B 2[3]




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