Central American and Caribbean Swimming Championships

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The CCCAN Championships are a biennial aquatics championship for countries in Central America and the Caribbean. The name of the event comes from the event's organizers: the Central American & Caribbean Swimming Confederation, whose abbreviated name is CCCAN.

The CCCAN Championships are held every odd year, and began in 1960. The 2013 CCCANs were originally awarded to Guatemala, however, in late 2012, the city announced it could not host the championships. In early 2013, San José, Costa Rica came forward to host the event.

In addition to CCCAN members, South American countries which border on the Caribbean have also participated in the championships, including Suriname, Colombia and Venezuela.

Participating countries[edit]

Countries invited to participate at the 2013 championships[1] are:


Year Edition Host City Country Dates
1960 I San Juan  Puerto Rico
1961 II San Salvador  El Salvador
1963 III Mexico City  Mexico
1965 IV Cali  Colombia
1968 V San Salvador  El Salvador
1969 VI San Juan  Puerto Rico
1971 VII Havana  Cuba
1973 VIII Ibagué  Colombia
1975 IX Mexico City  Mexico
1977 X Santo Domingo  Dominican Republic
1979 XI San Cristobal  Venezuela
1981 XII Oaxtepec (swimming)  Mexico
Santo Domingo (diving & synchro)  Dominican Republic
Havana (water polo)  Cuba
1983 XIII Santo Domingo  Dominican Republic
1985 XIV Oaxtepec  Mexico
1987 XV Salinas  Puerto Rico
1989 XVI Caracas  Venezuela
1991 XVII Mérida  Mexico
1993 XVIII Havana  Cuba
1995 XIX Guadalajara  Mexico
1997 XX Havana  Cuba July
1999 XXI Medellín  Colombia
2001 XXII Santo Domingo &
La Romana
 Dominican Republic first week of July
2003 XXIII Mexico City  Mexico
2005 XXIV Santo Domingo &
Santiago de los Caballeros
 Dominican Republic August 2–8[2][3]
2007 XXV San Salvador  El Salvador June 25–30
2009 XXVI Barquisimeto  Venezuela June 29 – July 5
2011 XXVII Mayagüez  Puerto Rico June 27 – July 2
2013 XXVIII San José  Costa Rica July 1–7
2015 XXIX Bridgetown  Barbados June 23 – June 27
2017 XXX Couva  Trinidad and Tobago June 22 – July 2
2018 XXXI Savaneta  Aruba June 26 – July 6
2019 XXXII Bridgetown  Barbados June 24 – July 8
Havana (diving)  Cuba March 28–31
2020 cancelled Nassau  Bahamas June 24 – July 3

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