Central Army (Japan)

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Central Army
JGSDF Middle Army.svg
Active14 January 1960 – present
Country Japan
Branch Japan Ground Self-Defense Force
TypeField army
Garrison/HQCamp Itami, Itami, Hyōgo
Lt. Gen. Junji Suzuki

The Central Army (中部方面隊, Chūbunhōmen-tai) is one of five active Armies of the Japan Ground Self-Defense Force. It is headquartered in Itami, Hyōgo. Its responsibility is the defense of Chūgoku, Kansai, Shikoku and the Southern half of the Chūbu region.


Operational Structure of the Central Army 2011
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  • JGSDF Middle Army.svg Central Army, in Itami
    • JGSDF 3rd Division.svg 3rd Division, in Itami, responsible for the defense of the Hyōgo, Kyōto, Nara, Ōsaka, Shiga and Wakayama prefectures.
    • JGSDF 10th Division.svg 10th Division, in Nagoya, responsible for the defense of the Aichi, Fukui, Gifu, Ishikawa, Mie and Toyama prefectures.
    • JGSDF 13th Brigade.svg 13th Brigade, in Kaita, responsible for the defense of the Chūgoku region.
    • JGSDF 14th Brigade.svg 14th Brigade, in Zentsūji, responsible for the defense of Shikoku.
    • 4th Engineer Brigade, in Uji
      • 6th Engineer Group (Construction), in Toyokawa
      • 7th Engineer Group (Construction), in Uji
      • 102nd Equipment Company, in Uji
      • 304th Engineer Company, in Izumo
      • 305th Engineer Company, in Okayama
      • 307th Vehicle Company, in Uji
    • Western Army Artillery Unit, in Matsuyama, with three batteries of FH-70 155mm towed howitzers (in peacetime under administrative control of the 14th Brigade)
    • 8th Anti-Aircraft Artillery Group, in Ono (Type 3 Chū-SAM)
    • Central Army Combined (Training) Brigade, in Ōtsu
      • 47th Infantry Regiment, in Kaita
      • 49th Infantry Regiment, in Toyokawa
      • 4th Basic Training Battalion, in Ōtsu
      • 109th Training Battalion, in Ōtsu
      • 110th Training Battalion, in Matsuyama
    • Central Army Aviation Group, in Yao
      • 5th Anti-tank Helicopter Battalion, in Ise
      • Central Army Helicopter Battalion, in Mashiki
      • Central Army Meteorological Company, in Mashiki
      • Logistic Support Battalion, in Mashiki
    • Central Army Logistic Support, in Kyoto
    • Central Army Signal Group, in Itami
      • 104th Signal Battalion, in Itami
      • 104th Command Center Signal Battalion, in Itami
      • 303rd Central Communication Company, in Itami
    • Central Army Medical Service, in Itami
    • Central Army Military Intelligence Battalion, in Itami
    • Kansai Logistic Depot, in Uji

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