Central Bank of Egypt

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Central Bank of Egypt
البنك المركزي المصري
Central Bank of Egypt CBE Logo.jpg
Coordinates30°03′16.9″N 31°14′48.0″E / 30.054694°N 31.246667°E / 30.054694; 31.246667
Established1961 (1961)
OwnershipGovernment owned
GovernorTarek Amer
Central bank ofEgypt
CurrencyEgyptian Pound
EGP (ISO 4217)
Bank rate16.75%[1]
Interest on reserves15.75%[1]

The Central Bank of Egypt (CBE; Arabic: البنك المركزي المصري‎) is the central bank and monetary authority of Arab Republic of Egypt.


Since the trading of gold and silver coins in Egypt and until 1834, there was no one unit of currency to unify the country. In 1834, a decree was realised stating the forging of an Egyptian currency based on the two metals (gold and silver). In accordance with said decree, the minting of a currency in the shape of gold and silver Riyals began. In 1836, the Egyptian Pound was first introduced and it became open for public use. [2]


Its functions include

List of Governors[edit]

Following is a list of the Governors of the Central Bank of Egypt: [3]

Name Period
Ahmed Zaki 1951–1952
Mohamed Fekry 1952–1955
Ahmed Zaki 1956–1957
Abd El-Gelil El Emary 1957–1960
Abd El-Hakim El Refaie 1960–1964
Ahmed Zendo 1964–1967
Ahmed Nazmy 1967–1971
Ahmed Zendo 1971–1976
Mohamed Ibrahim 1976–1982
Mohamed Shalaby 1982–1985
Ali Negm 1985–1986
Mahmoud Hamed 1986–1993
Ismail Hassan 1993–2001
Mohamed Abul Eyoun 2001–2003
Farouk El-Okdah 2003–2013
Hisham Ramez 2013–2015
Tarek Hassan Amer 2015–Present

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