Central Bank of The Gambia

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Central Bank of The Gambia
HeadquartersNo. 1/2 Ecowas Avenue, Banjul, The Gambia
GovernorBakary Jammeh
Central bank of Gambia
CurrencyGambian dalasi
GMD (ISO 4217)

The Central Bank of The Gambia is the central bank of The Gambia. Its name is abbreviated to CBG. The bank is located in Banjul and was established in 1971.[1] Bakary Jammeh is the current Governor.[2]


As a central bank, CBG is responsible for providing banking services to the Gambian government, for managing interest rates and foreign exchange, for interacting with Gambian industries, for supporting microfinance, and for managing the value of the dalasi, which is The Gambia's currency. [1] The bank is responsible for managing the sale of Gambian bonds and treasury bills on the international securities market. The bank is involved in economic research in regard to the future of Gambia and West Africa.

The CBG is working with GIPFZA, the Gambia Investment Promotion and Free Zones Agency, in the creation of a 1.6 square kilometre business and industrial park near Banjul International Airport.

The CBG is the only institution in The Gambia that is permitted to issue the Gambian dalasi.

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