Central Bus Station Sofia

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Central Bus Station
bus service
Location 100 Kn. Maria Louisa Boulevard
Coordinates 42°42′37″N 23°19′24″E / 42.71028°N 23.32333°E / 42.71028; 23.32333Coordinates: 42°42′37″N 23°19′24″E / 42.71028°N 23.32333°E / 42.71028; 23.32333
Bus stands 50
Other information
Website centralbusstation-sofia.com

Central Bus Station Sofia (Bulgarian: Централна автогара София, Tsentralna avtogara Sofiya; abbreviated as CBS) is the main bus station of Sofia, Bulgaria. Its building was opened in 2004 and covers an area of 7,173 square metres (77,210 sq ft), of which the waiting area is 1,500 square metres (16,000 sq ft). The bus station has 57 ticket windows, which accept cash, debit and credit. At any time, between 47 and 50 buses may enter or leave the station from 50 domestic and international bus stops. Ten additional bus stops are made available on days with heavy traffic. 2,250 passengers may pass through the waiting area in one hour. There are 130 surveillance cameras.

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