Central Cemetery of Bogotá

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Central Cemetery of Bogotá
Portada Cementerio.jpg
Established 1836
Location Bogotá
Country Colombia
Coordinates 4°36′59″N 74°4′31″W / 4.61639°N 74.07528°W / 4.61639; -74.07528Coordinates: 4°36′59″N 74°4′31″W / 4.61639°N 74.07528°W / 4.61639; -74.07528
Type Public

Central Cemetery of Bogotá (Spanish: Cementerio Central de Bogotá) is one of the main and most famous cemeteries in Colombia located in Bogotá. Houses several national heroes, poets and former Colombian presidents. It was opened in 1836 and was declared National Monument in 1984. Some of the sculptors of the mausoleums are Tenerani and Sighinolfi.

Notable interments[edit]

Cenotaph of Gonzalo Jiménez de Quesada at Central Cemetery.

Further reading[edit]

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