Central Coast Division Rugby League

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Central Coast Division Rugby League
Central Coast Rugby League logo.jpg
Sport Rugby league
Formerly known as Group 12 Rugby League
Instituted 1947
Inaugural season 1967 (as Group 12 Rugby League),
1981 (as Central Coast Rugby League)
Number of teams 10
Premiers Australian colours.svg Wyong (2016)
Most titles St. George colours.svg Woy Woy (18 titles)
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The Central Coast Division of Country Rugby League is a rugby league competition based on the Central Coast of New South Wales between Sydney and Newcastle. It was founded in 1947 as a junior competition for the Newcastle club, Lakes United. In 1967, it was upgraded again to full membership of the Country Rugby League as Group 12. In 1981, it was renamed Central Coast Division. The division covers the entire region of the Central Coast from Woy Woy and Umina in the south up to Budgewoi and Gwandalan in the north.

Current teams[edit]

As of 2017 the current teams in the Central Coast competitions are:

Club 2017 First Grade Years & Premierships Other Senior Competitions
Name Est Jnr Snr Span 1915-1936 1947-2015 Other Total Span
     Berkeley Vale Panthers 1987 Yes 1st 1995-2001, 2003-now 2 2 2nd Division 1987-1994, 2nd Grade 2002; Sydney Women 2015-now
Eastern Suburbs colours.svg Erina Eagles 1949 Yes 1st 1949-now. Predecessor 1915, 1919-1926, 1930-1934, 1936 2 4 0 6 Jim Beam Cup 2003-2008
St. George colours.svg Kincumber Colts 1978 Yes 1st 2004-now. Predecessor 1932-1936 0 1 1 2nd Division 1978-2000; U17 2003
Northern Raiders colors.svg Northern Lakes Warriors 1976 Yes 1st 1981-1982, 1992-1993 (as Munmorah), 1994-1997, 2004-now 0 0 2nd Division 1976-1980, 1983-1990 (as Munmorah), 2000-2003, 2nd Grade 1991, U18 1999.
Western Suburbs colours.svg Ourimbah Wyoming Magpies 1913 Yes 1st 1915, 1919-1936, 1947-now 4 8 0 12 Challenge Cups 1938-1941, 1946; Jim Beam Cup 2003-2005
Cronulla colours.svg Terrigal Sharks 1975 Yes 1st 1976-now. Predecessor 1921. 0 1 1 Predecessor 2nd Grade 1931-1932
Wests Tigers colours.svg The Entrance Tigers 1934 Yes 1st 1947-now 13 3 16 Challenge Cups 1930s; Jim Beam Cup 2003-2007, Ron Massey Cup 2010-2014
Parramatta colours.svg Toukley Hawks 1976 Yes 1st 1979-1994, 2006-now 0 0 2nd Division 1976-1978, 1995-2005.
St. George colours.svg Woy Woy Roosters 1927 Yes 1st 1930-1934, 1947-now 0 18 0 18 Challenge Cups 1935-1941; Jim Beam Cup 2003-2004
Australian colours.svg Wyong Roos 1910 Yes 1st 1915, 1919-1924, 1926-1936, 1947-1957, 1960-2006, 2013-now 7 13 1 21 Newcastle: 2nd Grade 1912-1914, 3rd Grade 1945, Southern 1946, 1st Grade 2003-2012; NSW Cup 2013-now
Melbourne colours.svg Gosford Kariong Storm 2000 Yes Open Predecessors 1919-1934, 1936, 1948-1999 3 7 0 10 2nd Division 2000-2005; 2nd Grade 2006; Open Age 2010-2011, 2014, 2016. Predecessor North Sydney 1928
North Sydney colours.svg St Edwards Bears 2013 Yes Open Nil U16 1971-1972, 1974; Open Age 2013-now
Canberra colours.svg Blue Haven Raiders 2007 Yes No Nil Open Age 2011
Canterbury colours.svg Budgewoi-Buff Point Bulldogs 1978 Yes No Nil 2nd Division 1978-2002, 2005; 2nd Grade 2006
South Sydney colours.svg Umina Beach Bunnies 1964 Yes N&H 1964-1995, 1999-2002, 2004-2015 3 3 Newcastle & Hunter A Grade 2017, Ladies League Tag 2016-now
New South Wales colours.svg Warnervale Bulls 2010 Yes No Nil Nil

Previous Teams[edit]

Current clubs Ourimbah, Wyong and later Woy Woy participated in the Central Coast Rugby League competitions that were held in 1915 and between 1919 and 1936. Teams from Gosford, Erina, Kincumber and Terrigal also competed, predecessors to the current clubs. The following teams were also involved: Matcham (1915), Yarramalong (1915, 1919-1921, 1924), Jilliby (1919-1921), Narara (1920, 1923), Dora Creek (1921, 1926-1928, 1931-1932), Gosford Light Horse (1925), Mooney (1926), Wyong Creek (1928), Tuggerah (1930-1932), Morisset (1932-1936), Nord’s Wharf (1932), Dooralong (1933-1934).

The following teams have participated in Central Coast First or 'A' Grade competitions since 1947: Morisset (1947-1948), Toronto (1954-1959), Rathmines (1955), South Lakes (1958). Wyong and Morisset combined in 1957 to field teams in A, B, C and D grades. Mount Penang competed in Under 18s from 1969 to 1975.

The Gosford Townies fielded grade teams from 1948 to 1999, and junior teams from the 1950s.

A Second Division competition ran from 1976 to 2005. Clubs that were promoted to First Division / Grade were Toukley, Northern Lakes (Munmorah), Berkeley Vale and Kincumber. Junior club Budgewoi-Buff Point ran Second Division teams from 1978 to 2002 and in 2005.

Central Wyong competed in Second Division from 1977 to 2005, until 1988 as Grand Hotel. The club entered First Grade in 2006, dropped back to lower grades between 2007 and 2011, spent 2012 in the Newcastle & Hunter competition, and returned to Central Coast First Grade between 2013 and 2015. Central Wyong ran junior teams from 1994 to 2015.

The other teams that competed in Second Division were Davistown (1976), Milson Island (1976-1979), The Valley (1977-1978), Gwandalan (1977-1978), Doyalson-Wyee (1980-1983), Terrigal Hotel (1981-1985), Woy Woy Hotel (1982-1989), Northlakes (1984-1986), Mangrove Mountain (1988-1998), Tall Timbers Hotel (1989-2005), Peninsula Raiders (1990-2001), Terrigal Marlins (1996-1997), Wamberal Whales (2000-2005), Long Jetty Jets (2001-2005) and Bayview Dolphins (2003-2004).

Central Coast teams in other competitions[edit]

In 2003 four Central Coast teams (Erina, Ourimbah, The Entrance and Woy Woy) decided to field teams in the then Jim Beam Cup, the third highest ranked NSW Competition (below NRL and NSW Cup) featuring mainly Sydney-based competition teams. All teams remained in the Central Coast first grade competition with effectively reserve grade teams. After three seasons, all apart from The Entrance withdrew from the competition. The Entrance Tigers entered teams in the competition until 2007 and again, under different competition names, between 2010 and 2014. The Entrance Tigers won the Jim Beam Cup in 2003 and 2007 and the Ron Massey Cup in 2014.

Also in 2003, Wyong entered the Newcastle Rugby League Competition which was perceived to be a stronger league.[1] Wyong remained part of the Central Coast junior competition and up until 2006, also fielded senior teams locally. Wyong were runner's up in the Newcastle Rugby League in 2007 and First Grade Premiers in 2009. This was Wyong's third stint in Newcastle rugby league competitions, having previously competed in Second Grade in 1912,[2] 1913[3] and 1914;[4] in Third Grade in 1945[5] and in a Southern Newcastle competition in 1946.[6]

In 2013 Wyong left the Newcastle competition in a dispute over salary caps and instead entered a team in the NSW Cup, the second highest level of senior rugby league in NSW after the NRL. For two seasons, Wyong was the only team in that competition without a direct affiliation with an NRL club. At the same time Wyong returned to the Central Coast first grade competition after a six year absence. In 2015, Wyong affiliated with the Sydney Roosters.

The Berkeley Vale Panthers competed in the NSWRL Sydney Metropolitan Women's Rugby League competition in 2015, 2016 and 2017.

Team Numbers[edit]

Team numbers obtained and compiled from results published in the newspapers, Central Coast Express, Wyong Shire Advocate and Central Coast Express Advocate.

Senior Competitions[edit]

The highest grade of senior rugby league in the Central Coast Division is the First Grade competition. In 2017 ten teams have entered the first grade competition; all ten also field teams in the Reserve Grade competition. Ten teams are competing the 2017 'Open Age' competition, a league for senior players at a standard below the first/reserve grade competition. A Ladies League tag competition began in 2015 and in 2017 involves ten teams and is sponsored by White Lady Funerals.

2017 Grand Finals are scheduled to be held on Saturday, September 16, 2017.

First grade results[edit]

Year Minor premiers Premiers Runners up Grand final score
2016 Wyong Wyong Woy Woy 20-0
2015 The Entrance The Entrance Kincumber 22-14
2014 Berkeley Vale Wyong Berkeley Vale 8-6
2013 Terrigal Berkeley Vale Erina 21-20
2012 Terrigal Kincumber Umina 12-10
2011 Ourimbah Berkeley Vale Ourimbah 38-18
2010 Ourimbah Ourimbah Berkeley Vale 22-10

See also a List of NSW Central Coast Rugby League First Grade Premiers and First Grade Grand Finals.

Second grade results[edit]

Year Minor premiers Premiers Runners up Grand final score
2016 The Entrance Kincumber The Entrance 22-14
2015 Wyong The Entrance Wyong 32-14
2014 Wyong Berkeley Vale Wyong 26-20
2013 Wyong Wyong Berkeley Vale 42-24
2012 Umina Beach Umina Beach Ourimbah Wyoming 22-10
2011 The Entrance The Entrance Erina 16–4
2010 Erina Berkeley Vale Erina 36–12

See also Reserve Grade Grand Finals

Open age results[edit]

Year Minor premiers Premiers Runners up Grand final score
2016 St. Edwards Berkeley Vale St. Edwards 15-14
2015 Ourimbah Ourimbah Wyong 44-10
2014 Wyong Wyong Kincumber 26-12
2013 Wyong Northern Lakes Erina 32-6
2012 Umina Beach Terrigal Umina Beach 24–22
2011 Erina Central Wyong Berkeley Vale 24–18
2010 Erina Erina Toukley 24–16

Ladies League tag results[edit]

Year Minor premiers Premiers Runners up Grand final score
2016 The Entrance Erina The Entrance 11-10
2015 Kincumber Kincumber The Entrance 18-0

Club information[edit]

Current clubs
Berkeley Vale Panthers (logo).jpg
Berkeley Vale Panthers
established 1991
Budgewoi-Buff Point Bulldogs
Budgewoi-Buff Point Bulldogs
established 1998

Central Wyong Razorbacks

Erina Eagles

Gosford Kariong Storm
Gosford Kariong Storm
established 2000

Kincumber Colts
Kincumber Rugby League Football Club

Northern Lakes
established 1976

Ourimbah Wyoming Magpies
established 1913

Terrigal Sharks
established 1976

The Entrance Tigers[1]

Toukley Hawks
Established 1967

Umina Beach Bunnies

Woy Woy Roosters
Wyong Roos Logo.png
Wyong Roos

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