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Central Coast Regional District is a regional district in British Columbia, Canada. It has a total land area of 24,559.5 km² (9,482.5 sq mi). When it was created in 1968, it was named the Ocean Falls Regional District, after the then-largest town in the region, the company town Ocean Falls, now a ghost town. The name was confirmed in 1974, but changed to Central Coast Regional District in 1976.


  • Population (2016): 3,319
  • Population (2011): 3,206
  • Population (2006): 3,189
  • Population (2001): 3,781

The Central Coast Regional District (CCRD) is unique in the province in that it has no incorporated municipalities within its borders. The Regional District has five Electoral Areas, each of which elect a single director to the District's Board of Directors. According to the 2001 Census, the populations of the electoral areas are:

Electoral Area Population CCRD Board of Directors 2014 - 2018
A (Outer Coast, except "Bella Bella 1" Indian Reserve) 192 Cathi McCullagh[1]
B ("Bella Bella 1" Indian Reserve) 1,095 Reginald Moody-Humchitt (Chair)[2]
C (Bella Coola Valley east of Royal Canadian Legion) 588 Alison Sayers (Vice Chair)[3]
D (Bella Coola Valley between Tatsquan Creek and Royal Canadian Legion, including "Bella Coola 1" Indian Reserve) 1,236 Richard Hall[4]
E (Non-Reserve area of Bella Coola townsite) 95 Samuel Schooner[5]


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