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Central College is a community college based in Houston, Texas. Part of the Houston Community College System, it serves Downtown, Midtown and parts of the Southeast portion of the city. Central College consists of three satellite campuses: Americana Building, Central Campus and Willie Lee Gay Campus.

Americana Building[edit]

The HCC Americana Building is located in Downtown Houston. It is devoted to continuing education.

Central Campus[edit]

The HCC Central Campus is located in Midtown Houston. It is located on the grounds of the former San Jacinto High School and is the flagship campus of HCCS. The campus opened in the 1980s after HCC purchased the school grounds from Houston Independent School District.

Willie Lee Gay Campus[edit]

The HCC Willie Gay Campus (or South Campus) is located in the Southside of Houston, several miles south of the Reliant Park area. The campus opened in 2004.