Central Darfur

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Central Darfur State
ولاية وسط دارفور
Location in Sudan
Location in Sudan
Country Sudan
 • GovernorYousif Tibin
Time zoneUTC+2 (CAT)

Central Darfur State (Arabic: ولاية وسط دارفور‎ Wilāyat Wasaṭ Dārfūr) is one of the states of Sudan, and one of five comprising the Darfur region. It was created in January 2012 as a result of the ongoing peace process for the wider Darfur region.[1] The state capital is Zalingei. The state was formed from land that had been part of the states of West Darfur and South Darfur.


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Coordinates: 12°20′N 23°25′E / 12.333°N 23.417°E / 12.333; 23.417