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The Central Elevated Walkway
The Central Elevated Walkway, across Connaught Road

The Central Elevated Walkway (Chinese: 中區行人天橋) is an extensive footbridge network spanning Admiralty, Central and parts of Sheung Wan, near Victoria Harbour in Hong Kong.

The system was built in phases by the Hong Kong Government and various developers, such as Hongkong Land, Jardine Matheson Holdings and Shun Tak Holdings. It has escalators and staircases for access. Parts of it are air-conditioned. There is another system in Admiralty that is currently not connected to the Central system.


In the 1970s, Hongkong Land built a footbridge over Connaught Road to facilitate pedestrian access between Connaught Place (today's Jardine House), Swire House (today's Chater House) and the General Post Office. The developer also built many footbridges between its buildings which were under construction.

In the 1980s, after Exchange Square was completed, the government built a footbridge to connect to Hongkong Land's network; it ran west along the harbourfront to connect Central Piers and Shun Tak Centre. Other buildings along Queen's Road Central, such as Standard Chartered Bank Building and Central Tower, were also connected to the system.

In 1993, the Central–Mid-Levels escalator came into operation, and Hang Seng Bank Building was connected.

In 1998, the International Finance Centre and Airport Express Hong Kong Station were completed and brought into the network.

After 2000, the government built a bridge between World-Wide House and Exchange Square.

Central system[edit]

Network Diagram of Central Elevated Walkway (Central System)
Bridge Access between Alexander House and Chater House
East from Connaught Road
North to Central Piers
Enjoying the view of Victoria Harbour
Near Phase 2 of the Chinachem Golden Plaza


Connected buildings[edit]

Admiralty system[edit]

Network Diagram of Central Elevated Walkway (Admiralty System)


Connected buildings[edit]

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