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View of Office Block of the Central Government Complex
Central Government Complex Site in March, 2011
Rear view of the Low Block of the Central Government Complex

The Central Government Complex is since 2011 the location for the offices of the Government of Hong Kong. Located at the Tamar site, the complex houses the Central Government Offices, the Legislative Council Complex and the Office of the Chief Executive of Hong Kong. These buildings have taken over the roles of several buildings, including the former Central Government Offices, Murray Building and the former Legislative Council Building.


The new government building uses neither Chinese nor European government building designs, but instead it is a mix of postmodern architecture and low-frills international design.


This winning design was from the Gammon-Hip Hing group and scheduled to be completed in 2010. Construction was due to begin in mid-February 2008, for completion in 2011. It engaged more than 3,000 workers.[1]


The complex consists of three blocks:

Office Block[edit]

Floor West Wing East Wing
26/F Central Policy Unit, Office of Chief Secretary for Administration
25/F Office of Chief Secretary for Administration, Office of Secretary of Finance (Hong Kong)
24/F Financial Services and the Treasury Bureau
23/F Commerce and Economic Development Bureau
22/F Transport and Housing Bureau
21/F Commerce and Economic Development Bureau, Innovation and Technology Commission
19/F Commerce and Economic Development Bureau, Development Bureau Food and Health Bureau
18/F Development Bureau
17/F Food and Health Bureau, Development Bureau, Transport and Housing Bureau
16/F Environment Bureau, Environmental Protection Department
14/F Government Headquarters Data Centre
13/F Home Affairs Bureau Constitutional and Mainland Affairs Bureau
11/F Home Affairs Bureau, Labour and Welfare Bureau Education Bureau
10/F Labour and Welfare Bureau Security Bureau
9/F Civil Service Bureau
7/F Education Bureau
3/F Civil Service Bureau, Administration Wing

While official use came into effect on 1 August 2011, administrative staff had moved in beginning 15 January 2011.


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