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Central High School, founded in 1911,[1] is a public high school located at 421 Fountain Street NE in Grand Rapids, Michigan.[2] The high school offers classes for grades 9-12. The school colors are Gold and White

and the school mascot is the Ram.[3]


Silver, loving cup tennis trophy awarded to Betty Bloomer from Central High School. Engraving reads, "TM / Betty Bloomer / 1929 / Juno - 1930 / Eleanor Heald - 1931/ L-M-Ripley - 1932."

A previous school known as Grand Rapids High School was opened in 1859, and located in an old stone schoolhouse. New buildings were constructed in 1867 and 1893. A new school was constructed from 1910–1911, at a cost of USD $435,000, and opened to students on January 31, 1911. The initial class incorporated students from grades 9 through 12, and some courses that eventually evolved into Grand Rapids Community College, which was itself founded in 1914. The high school had a large auditorium, the largest in Michigan at the time that the school was built, so famous figures such as presidents Teddy Roosevelt and William Howard Taft have spoken there. In 1947, the school's football team won the state championship.

Plans are for the High School to phase out the Traditional learning in 2012, though the building will continue to be used for GR Montessori, and a School of Health, Science, and Technology. In 2013, Central High School consolidated with Creston High School, with the consolidated high school now located on the Central High School campus. Creston High School's former campus became that of City High-Middle School from that year onward.

Notable alumni[edit]


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