Central Highlands (Madagascar)

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Landscape in the Central Highlands region

The Central Highlands, Central High Plateau, or Hauts-Plateaux are a mountainous biogeographical region in central Madagascar. They include the contiguous part of the island's interior above 800 m (2600 ft) altitude.[1] The Central Highlands are separated from the Northern Highlands of the northern tip of Madagascar by a low-lying valley, the Mandritsara Window, which has apparently acted as a barrier to dispersal for species in the highlands, leading to species pairs such as Voalavo gymnocaudus and Voalavo antsahabensis in the Northern and Central Highlands.[2] Species restricted to the Central Highlands include the bats Miniopterus manavi[3] and Miniopterus sororculus;[4] the rodents Brachyuromys betsileoensis[5] and Voalavo antsahabensis;[6] the tenrecs Hemicentetes nigriceps[7] and Oryzorictes tetradactylus;[8] and the lemur Cheirogaleus sibreei.[9] Because of the continuous habitat of the Central Highlands, there is little local endemism, unlike the Northern Highlands.[10]


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