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Central Information Commission
Kendriya Soochna Ayog
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The official logo of Central Information Commission
Commission overview
Formed12 October 2005; 16 years ago (2005-10-12)[1]
Annual budget25.1935 crore (US$3.2 million) (2015–16)[2]
Commission executives
Key document

The Central Information Commission is a statutory body,[3] set up under the Right to Information Act in 2005[4] under the Government of India to act upon complaints from those individuals who have not been able to submit information requests to a Central Public Information Officer or State Public Information Officer due to either the officer not have been appointed, or because the respective Central Assistant Public Information Officer or State Assistant Public Information Officer refused to receive the application for information under the Right to Information Act.[5]

The commission includes one chief information commissioner and not more than ten information commissioners who are appointed by the President of India on the recommendation of a committee consisting of the Prime Minister as Chairperson, the Leader of Opposition in the Lok Sabha and a Union Cabinet Minister to be nominated by the Prime Minister. Two women have been chief information commissioners: Deepak Sandhu (fourth chief information commissioner overall) and Sushma Singh (fifth overall).

Chief Information Commissioners[edit]

The following have held the post of the chief Information Commissioners.[6]

List of Central information Commissioners
No. Name Took office Left office
1 Wajahat Habibullah 26 October 2005 19 September 2010
2 A. N. Tiwari 30 September 2010 18 December 2010
3 Satyananda Mishra 19 December 2010 4 September 2013
4 Deepak Sandhu 5 September 2013 18 December 2013
5 Sushma Singh 19 December 2013 21 May 2014
6 Rajiv Mathur 22 May 2014 22 August 2014
7 Vijai Sharma 10 June 2015 1 December 2015
8 Radha Krishna Mathur 4 January 2016 24 November 2018
9 Sudhir Bhargava 1 January 2019 11 January 2020
10 Bimal Julka 6 March 2020 26 August 2020
11 Yashvardhan Kumar Sinha 31 October 2020 Till Now

State Information Commission[edit]

Following is the list of State Information Commissions.

Rank State States Women commission
1 Andhra Pradesh Andhra Pradesh Information Commission
2 Arunachal Pradesh Arunachal Pradesh Information Commission
3 Assam Assam Information Commission
4 Bihar Bihar Information Commission
5 Chhattisgarh Chhattisgarh State Information Commission
6 Goa Goa State Information Commission
7 Gujarat Gujarat State Information Commission
8 Haryana Haryana State Information Commission
9 Karnataka Karnataka State Information Commission
10 Jammu & Kashmir Jammu & Kashmir State Information Commission
11 Kerala Kerala State Information Commission
12 Madhya Pradesh Madhya Pradesh State Information Commission
13 Maharashtra Maharashtra State Information Commission
14 Meghalaya Meghalaya State Information Commission
15 Mizoram Mizoram Information Commission
16 Nagaland Nagaland Information Commission
17 Orissa Odisha State Information Commission
18 Punjab Punjab State Information Commission
19 Rajasthan Rajasthan Information Commission
20 Sikkim Sikkim State Information Commission
21 Tamil Nadu Tamil Nadu Information Commission
22 Tripura Tripura State Information Commission
22 Uttarakhand Uttarakhand Information Commission
22 Uttar Pradesh Uttar Information Commission
22 Telangana Telangana Information Commission
23 Himachal Pradesh Himachal Pradesh Information Commission
24 Manipur Manipur Information Commission
25 West Bengal West Bengal Information Commission
25 Jharkhand Jharkhand Information Commission


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