Central Jail Lahore

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Central Jail Lahore
LocationLahore, Pakistan
Security classMaximum
Population4000[1][2] (as of February 2014)
Managed byGovernment of Punjab, Pakistan
Director(Senior Superintendent Jail)

Ch Ijaz Asghar (till date)

Kamran Anjum( May 2013 -September 2013)

Mohsin Rafique(Jan 2013-May 2013)

Mushtaq Ahmed Awan,(From August 2009-January 2012)[3]
Notable prisoners
Zulfikar Ali Bhutto

Yusuf Kazzab

4 April 1979
Javed Iqbal (serial killer)
Committed suicide on 8 October 2001

Central Jail Lahore is a prominent jail situated in Lahore, Pakistan at Rakh Chandra (Kot Lakhpat). The jail is also known as Kot Lakhpat Jail with reference to its location. The jail houses more than four times the 4000 prisoner capacity it was built for. Prisoners have been murdered in the prison in the past,including Indian prisoner Sarabjit Singh[1]

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Coordinates: 31°26′48″N 74°20′07″E / 31.44667°N 74.33528°E / 31.44667; 74.33528