Central Japan International Airport Station

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Central Japan International Airport Station
Nagoya Railroad - Central Japan International Airport Station.jpg
Exterior of the station, March 2008
Location Tokoname, Aichi
Operated by Meitetsu
Line(s) Airport Line
Opened 2004
Passengers (FY2014) 22,576 daily

Central Japan International Airport Station (中部国際空港駅 Chūbukokusaikūkō-eki?) is a railway station in Tokoname, Aichi, Japan, owned by Central Japan International Airport Line Company, Ltd. and leased to the private railway operator Meitetsu. The station serves Chūbu Centrair International Airport by a short walkway connecting the station concourse with the airport terminal building.


Central Japan International Airport Station is served by the Meitetsu Airport Line.

Station layout[edit]

Central Japan International Airport Station has two elevated bay platforms serving three tracks, one is for μSky limited express trains and the other two are for commuter trains.

1  μSky limited express trains for Nagoya, Gifu, and Shin Unuma
2, 3  Airport Line for Ōtagawa, Kanayama, Nagoya, Ichinomiya, Gifu, Inuyama, and Shin Kani

Adjacent stations[edit]

Meitetsu Airport Line
Tokoname (trains departing for Nagoya before 9 a.m.)
Jingu-mae (others)
  μSky Limited Express   Terminus
Tokoname   Limited Express   Terminus
Tokoname   Rapid Express   Terminus
Rinkū Tokoname   Express   Terminus
Rinkū Tokoname   Semi-Express   Terminus
Rinkū Tokoname   Local   Terminus


Central Japan International Airport Station began operations on October 16, 2004, but initially only for workers at the airport site. It was opened officially to the general public on January 29, 2005, in advance of the opening of the airport in February. On May 23, 2005, a second platform was completed.


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Coordinates: 34°51′34″N 136°48′59″E / 34.8595°N 136.8165°E / 34.8595; 136.8165