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The Central Junior Television Workshop or simply Television Workshop is a British organisation that offers free training for young people in performance skills for television, film, radio and theatre. Open to anybody between the ages of seven and 21, entry is by an annual audition process which is held each spring.


The Central Junior Television Workshop was originally set up by Central Independent Television in 1983 to act as a casting pool for young talent in their broadcasting region in the English Midlands.[1] The Workshop has two branches, the original one based in Nottingham and another based in Birmingham, which opened a year later in 1984.

The Workshop has been known as several different names over the past including the Central Junior TV Workshop, Carlton Junior TV Workshop, ITV Junior TV Workshop and most recently simply The Television Workshop.

Birmingham Workshop[edit]

In late 2008, the Birmingham workshop run by their Director Collin Edwards, went under some financial issues which made the workshop dark. In 2009, Collin Edwards retired as the director of the Birmingham workshop for over 20 years. Now the Birmingham’s workshop was in the hands of Ian Smith. A new term started in 2010 with a new director and an old pupil of Collins’ Ross Simpson. Who will be the new director of the workshop groups,along with the help of Smith.

In 2010, the Birmingham Workshop has changed the name to First Act Workshops. They provide acting classes to young training actors and professional young actors.






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