Central Louisiana

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Central Louisiana
The Central Louisiana region is shaded in green.
The Central Louisiana region is shaded in green.
CountryUnited States
Largest cityAlexandria

Central Louisiana (Cenla), also known as the Crossroads, is a region of the U.S. state of Louisiana.

The largest communities in the region as of the 2010 Census were Alexandria (47,893), Natchitoches (18,323) and Pineville (14,555).

Central Louisiana is a land of physical and cultural diversity. Extensive prairies, piney hill region known as the Louisiana Central Hill Country, minor swamplands and deciduous forests make up its geography. It also has clear streams with sandy bottoms and large rivers that carry waterborne freight.

Metro/Micropolitan areas[edit]

There is one Combined Statistical Area, one Metropolitan Statistical Area, and four Micropolitan Statistical Areas that include Central Louisiana parishes.


The economic region is Kisatchie-Delta, described as the Sixth State Planning District for the State of Louisiana, including parishes collectively bordered on the east by the Mississippi River and on the west by the Sabine River. These crossroads initially began in the 1800s as settlers migrated West and have designation as the Louisiana Colonial Trails Scenic Byways, including the historic El-Camino Real East-West Corridor.


Central Louisiana consists of the following 10 parishes, with population figures[when?] given in parenthesis.

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