Sinuiju North Korean Leader's Residence

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Sinuiju North Korean Leader's Residence is located in North Korea
Location of Sinuiju Residence in North Korea

The Sinuiju North Korean Leader's Residence, which may locally be known as the Central Luxury House or Central Luxury Residence, is one of the many official residences of North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un.[1][2] He reportedly took over the residence from his father, Kim Jong-il after the elder Kim's death in 2011.[3] The residence is located near Sinuiju, in the North P'yŏngan province of North Korea.[4] Public knowledge about the residence came to light through the North Korea Uncovered project.[5][2]

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Coordinates: 40°04′53″N 124°29′58″E / 40.081519°N 124.499307°E / 40.081519; 124.499307