Central Midlands Regional Transit Authority

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Central Midlands RTA
Central Midlands RTA logo.png
Founded 2002
Headquarters 3613 Lucius Rd
Locale Columbia, SC
Service area Richland and Lexington Counties, South Carolina
Service type bus service
Routes 27
Fuel type Diesel and Compressed Natural Gas
Website http://catchthecomet.org

The Central Midlands Regional Transit Authority is the operator of mass transportation in Richland and Lexington Counties in South Carolina. Eighteen standard, all-day routes serve metropolitan Columbia, while eight peak hour routes and one weekend special are also operated by the transit agency.

Route list[edit]

All routes operate 7 days a week, except as noted.[1]

1 College Place

3/8 Rosewood/Rose Hill

5 Fort Jackson Special

6 Eau Claire

11/12 Colonial Heights/ Edgewood

15 Forest Drive/Decker Blvd

16 Dentsville

17 Harrison Rd peak hours

20 Greenlawn

21 VA Hospital weekday

23 State Park

26 West Columbia peak weekday

28 Cayce peak weekday

30 Denny Heights peak weekday

31 Fairfield Rd peak weekday

34 St Andrews

34B Bush River Road