Central Military District

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Central Military District
Центральный военный округ
СVO Russia medium emblem.svg
Emblem of the Central Military District
Founded October 21, 2010
Country  Russian Federation
Type Military district
Part of Russian Armed Forces
Headquarters Yekaterinburg
Decorations Order of the Red Banner
Colonel-General Vladimir Zarudnitsky
Central Military District HQ, Yekaterinburg

The Central Military District (Russian: Центральный военный округ) is one of Russia's Military Districts. The district was formed in Presidential Decree №1144 signed on September 20, 2010.[1] The district includes the territories of the former Siberian Military District. Until 2010, Colonel General Vladimir Chirkin was the district commander with Lieutenant General Sergei Surovikin acting as the district chief of staff. From the next year onward the district was headed by now General of the Army Valery Gerasimov and later by Major General Aleksandr Dvornikov. Colonel General Nikolai Bordanovskiy commanded the district until 2014, when Colonel General Vladimir Zarudnitsky took command.

It was reported that a new mountain motorised rifle brigade, the 55th, would be formed in Kyzyl, Tyva Republic, in 2015.[2] The brigade was formed in November 2015.[3]

In June 2015, Leslie H. Gelb wrote that the role of the Central Military District is to "orchestrate Russian engagement in local conflicts within Central Asia, to manage Russia’s bases in Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan, and to supply reinforcements from its two armies either to the east or the west in the event of war" and that their purpose is to "forestall instability that might spill over into Russia and to remind everyone that Russia’s forces in the region are mightier than China’s".[4]

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