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The Central Molecular Zone or CMZ is a region of the Milky Way Galaxy rich in molecular gas. It is found near the centre of the Milky Way, and as such is in the Sagittarius constellation, between galactic longitude 1.7° and -0.7°, and latitudes -0.2° and +0.2°. It contains the Galactic Center Radio Arc various supernova remnants and emission nebulae.[1] Regions with concentrations of gas are titled Sgr D HII, Sgr D SNR, SNR 0.9+0.1, Sgr B1, Sgr B2, SNR 0.3+0.0, Sgr A, SNR 359.1-00.5, SNR 359.0-00.9, Sgr C, Sgr E and also threadlike features called the Mouse, Snake, and Cane. Molecules found in the zone include carbon monoxide, methanol, isocyanic acid, hydrogen cyanide and silicon monoxide.[2]


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