Central Mountains Shared Use Trails System

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Central Mountains Shared Use Trails System
Length120 mi (193 km)
LocationPennsylvania, United States
Hiking details

The Central Mountains Shared Use Trails System (or Central Mountains Trail) is a 120-mile (193 km) loop trail in central Pennsylvania in the United States. The trail is marked with red blazes and is located in the Tiadaghton and Bald Eagle State Forests in Union, Lycoming, and Clinton Counties. As a shared use trail system, it uses existing trails and roads and is open for hiking, horseback riding, cross-country skiing, and mountain biking.

Primitive camping is allowed along the trail in most locations. Small campfires may be used for cooking and warmth, except from March 1 to May 25 and October 1 to December 1, or by order of the district forester. When fires are not allowed, self-contained stoves are.[1]


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