Central Nacional de Televisão

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Central Nacional de Televisão
Type Broadcast television network
Branding "Rede CNT"
Country Brazil
Founded March 15, 1979 (as TV Tropical)
Headquarters Curitiba, Paraná, Brazil
Owner Flávio Martinez
Launch date
March 15, 1979 (1979-03-15)
Former names
  • TV Tropical (1979-1982)
  • Rede OM (1982-1993)
  • CNT/Gazeta (1999-2000)
Official website

Central Nacional de Televisão (English: National Television Center) also known as CNT and Rede CNT, is a Brazilian television network based in Curitiba/Paraná. Part of the Grupo Empresarial Organizações Martinez, it aired for the first time in 1979 initially as TV Tropical.


Central Nacional de Televisão was founded on March 15, 1979 by entrepreneur and politician José Carlos Martinez as a local station called TV Tropical, originally affiliated to Rede Globo until it was sold to Diários Associados in 1980. In 1982, the station was renamed as Rede OM, and was subsequently renamed as CNT in 1993 after becoming a national network the previous year. CNT is currently chaired by entrepreneur and politician (and brother) Flávio de Castro Martinez, who took over after José Carlos Martinez's death in 2003.

Partnership with Televisa[edit]

The television network CNT closed contract with the Mexican television network Televisa, going to show the soap Manancial in August 2008. Televisa's other productions came as Sueños y caramels, SOS: Sexo y otros Secretos and Y ahora qué hago?.

Coverage of the CNT[edit]

With broadcasters themselves, affiliates and repeaters, CNT based network to a program of national scope in recent years working from five strategic poles: São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Salvador, Brasilia and Curitiba. Reaches more than 15 million households, equivalent to 50 million viewers, a large part of the country (5 stations and 43 repeaters). And during the coming years to improve its fleet and expand its technical signal to all of Brazil.

Digital broadcasts[edit]

The CNT was the first to use this technology for its stations and affiliates starting in 1999. The stations comprising the network receive programming in digital quality using Embratel satellite channeling. Through this system, CNT operates with the latest technology in signal transmission. It is the first step in the advancement and use of all-digital technology, bringing its structure to the newly defined Sistema Brasileiro de TV Digital (SBTVD-T).

Thus the network is already prepared for the Brazilian digital system (SBTVD-T), where it will allow its viewers in all of Brazil to enjoy better video and audio quality in a better transmission system than the current one (analog). The system employs digital modulation formats, transmission of information and signal compression, Making it possible to place in the frequency range of a single analog channel, several digital channels with much higher quality.

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