Central Prison, Bangalore

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Central Prison, Bangalore
LocationParappana Agrahara, Bangalore, Karnataka, India
Coordinates12°52′42″N 77°39′47″E / 12.878465°N 77.6630495°E / 12.878465; 77.6630495Coordinates: 12°52′42″N 77°39′47″E / 12.878465°N 77.6630495°E / 12.878465; 77.6630495
Security classCentral Prison
Population4,400+ (as of October 2016)

Central Prison, Bangalore (also called Bangalore Central Jail and Parappana Agrahara Central Prison) is the largest prison in the Indian state of Karnataka.[1] Established in 1997, it became the central prison of Bangalore in 2000 when the old jail (now Freedom Park) was shut for renovation.[2][3]

As of October 2016, the prison is spread over 40 acres and has more than 4,400 inmates despite its capacity being only 2,200.[4]


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