Central Savannah River Area

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Map outlining the Central Savannah River Area

The Central Savannah River Area (CSRA) is a trading and marketing region in the U.S. states of Georgia and South Carolina, spanning thirteen counties in Georgia and five in South Carolina.[1][1] The term was coined in 1950 by C.C. McCollum, the winner of a $250 contest held by The Augusta Chronicle to generate the best name for the area.[1] Today the initialism is so commonly used that the full name is not known to all residents.[1] The region is located on and named after the Savannah River, which forms the border between the two states. The largest cities within the CSRA are Augusta, Georgia and Aiken, South Carolina.

The total population of the CSRA is 709,433. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the six-county Augusta-Richmond County Metropolitan Statistical Area (at the center of the CSRA) had an estimated population of 580,270 in 2013,[2] making it the second most populous in the state of Georgia.


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