Central Scottish Amateur Football League

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Central Scottish Amateur Football League
Country Scotland
Confederation UEFA
Founded 1927
Divisions Premier Division
Division One (A)
Division One (B)
Number of teams 36
Level on pyramid N/A
Promotion to None
Relegation to None
Domestic cup(s) Scottish Amateur Cup
East of Scotland Cup
West of Scotland Cup
Current champions Harestanes

The Central Scottish Amateur Football League is a football (soccer) league competition for amateur clubs in the Central Belt of Scotland. It was formed in 1927 and is sponsored by Foster's Lager. The association is affiliated to the Scottish Amateur Football Association. As a stand-alone Association and not part of Scotland's pyramid system, the Premier Division does not act as a feeder league and as such there is currently no promotion available.

The Central Scottish AFL are the current holders of the John Smiths Inter League Trophy.

League set-up[edit]

The Central Scottish AFL is split into two divisions, a Premier Division of 12 teams and a 24-strong Division One (split into Division 1A and 1B). The bottom two teams from the Premier League are automatically relegated to Division 1, being replaced by the winners of each of the two sections, and the team which finishes 3rd from bottom is entered into a round-robin playoff with the two teams who finished second in each of Division 1A and Division 1B - the winner secures a place in the Premier Division. Division One sections are determined by a draw at the association's Annual General Meeting.




Central Scottish AFL Premier Division
12 clubs playing 22 games


Central Scottish AFL Division One (A)
12 clubs playing 22 games

Central Scottish AFL Division One (B)
12 clubs playing 22 games

Member clubs[edit]

The Central Scottish AFL was composed of thirty-six member clubs as of season 2014-15, listed below in their respective divisions:

Cup competitions[edit]

As well as the league, the association administers three cup competitions for teams in membership: the Cinema Cup, the League Cup (the Bunrigh Trophy) and the McAvoy and McIntyre Trophy.

National and district cups[edit]

In addition, member clubs are also likely to play in the Scottish Amateur Cup and one of the two district cups (East or West). Below are teams who have won these trophies, whilst playing in the Central Scottish AFL.

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