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Central Talent Booking
Founded New York City, New York, U.S. (1 January 1999 (1999-01-01))
Founder Joanna Jordan
Headquarters New York City, New York
Key people
Joanna Jordan
Celia Converse
Kellie Probst
Abigail Parsons
Kelly Webber
Anne Zembron
Ashley Posimato
Lindsey Johnson
Liz Waild
Clare Bonsor
Samantha Goralnick
Website Official Site

Central Talent Booking is a New York-based booking agency with offices in Los Angeles. Since its founding in 1999, CTB has built its business primarily by finding celebrity and human interest talent for television programs, particularly talk shows, though the company has regularly worked with publishers, developers of web content and music groups.


Founded by Joanna Jordan in 1999, Central Talent Booking began in a small, home office after Jordan had spent five years working as the in-house booker at the Late Show with David Letterman. According to a The Hollywood Reporter article, when Jordan told Late Show executives of her plans to start her own company, they offered her their business as the company's first client.[1] CTB booked guests for two of the Late Show's Emmy-award winning seasons, in addition to three others won while Jordan and other CTB staffers were still working for Letterman.

CTB continued to grow well into the 21st Century, picking up business from runaway hits such as Punk'd and Best Week Ever, and by 2007 Variety was already calling Jordan "one of the industry's premier bookers."[2]

CTB has also been noted by industry observers for raising the profile of one of the company's bigger clients, Jimmy Kimmel Live! In a 2008 article, TV Guide referred to Jordan as the "force behind" the 'I'm F-ing Ben Affleck' video,[3] and in the same article Kimmel quipped, "I wish I'd had her in high school when I was looking for a date to the prom."

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