Quilon Division

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Division of Travancore
Location of Quilon Division
Location of Central Travancore
Capital Quilon
Government Monarchy
Historical era British Raj
 •  Established 1856
 •  Disestablished 1949
Today part of Kerala, India

Quilon Division, sometimes referred to as the Central Division was one of three (or four) administrative subdivisions of the princely state of Travancore in what is now India.[1] It was administered by a civil servant of rank Diwan Peishkar equivalent to a District Collector in British India and consisted of eight taluks — Ambalappura, Chenganur, Kunnattur, Karungapalli, Karthikapalli, Mavelikkara, Quilon and Thiruvalla. The headquarters was the town of Quilon.

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