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There was also a Central Turkey College in Maraş.

Central Turkey College (sometimes called Aintab College) was a Christian college founded in 1874 (or 1876?) by the American Mission Board in Aintab, Ottoman Empire (now Gaziantep, Turkey). It was on a site west of the city, and also had a branch for girls in town. It was burned down in 1891, but was rebuilt.

Its students were largely Armenian Protestants, but non-Armenians and non-Protestants also attended. One of its most famous graduates, for example, was Ashur Yousif, a member of the Syriac Orthodox Church and a future instructor at Euphrates College in Harput.

In 1916, the college's president, John E. Merrill (1898–1937), transferred it to Aleppo in Syria, where it came to be known as Aleppo College and functioned as a high school.

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