Central Union of Workers

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Central Unitaria de Trabajadores (Colombia) (logo).jpg
Full name Central Union of Workers
Native name Central Unitaria de Trabajadores
Founded 1986
Key people Tarsicio Mora Godoy, president
Domingo Tovar, secretary general
Office location Bogotá, Colombia
Country Colombia
Website www.cut.org.co

The Central Union of Workers (CUT; Spanish: Central Unitaria de Trabajadores) is a trade union centre in Colombia. It was formed in 1986, and in 2002 was the country's largest union federation, with 546,000 members.[1]

ICTUR reports that nearly 800 members of CUT were murdered between 1987 and 1992.[2]

In 2000 a past president of CUT, Luis Eduardo Garzón was awarded the AFL-CIO human rights award.[2]


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