Central and Eastern European Software Engineering Conference in Russia

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Organized since 2005, CEE-SECR is a Software Engineering event for IT and software specialists from Central and Eastern Europe.

The conference program is composed of research presentations, panel discussions, keynote lectures, experience reports, and training workshops.

Working languages are dual English and Russian.

Conference Program Committee includes highly recognized international and domestic software engineering experts from both industry and academia.

The list of keynote/invited/panel speakers from previous CEE-SECR’s includes: Thomas Erl, Bjarne Stroustrup, Erich Gamma, Richard Soley, Igor Agamirzian, Grady Booch, Lars Bak, Alexander L. Wolf, Yuri Gurevich, Victor Ivannikov, Stephen Mellor, Larry Constantine, Ivar Jacobson, Rick Kazman, Michael Cusumano and other leading figures in the software field.

CEE-SECR is targeted to software professionals, such as Software Architects, Project Managers, Process Engineers, Software Engineering Process Group Directors, Business Analysts, Team Leaders, IT Managers, CIO/CTO, QA Managers, Senior Developers.

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