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The skyline of Manhattan as seen from Hudson County, New Jersey in March 2014. New York City is the core city of New York metropolitan area.

In urban planning, a historic core city or central city is the municipality with the largest 1940 population in the present metropolitan area (metropolitan statistical area).[1][2] This term was retired by the US census bureau and replaced by the term principal city, which can include historic core cities and post-WWII cities. Metropolitan areas were no longer considered monocentric, but polycentric due to suburbanization of employment.[3][4] A historic core city is not to be confused with the core of a metropolitan area which is defined as an urban area with a population of over 50,000 by the US census bureau.[5]

Historic core cites in the United States often have higher detached single family housing rates, lower density, and fewer jobs than surrounding satellite cities and suburbs.[6][7][8] A central city is usually the first settlement established in an urban region, years before the outlying districts came into existence. These cities typically contain less economic activity and more crime than their surrounding areas.[9][10][11][12][13] Central cities often form the regional downtowns of metro areas. The term is used mainly in US context, although since the 1970s it has also become relatively common in Canada and, to a lesser extent, Europe and Australia.[14][15][16][17]


Metropolitan areas with one core city[edit]

The followings are the core city of the five largest metropolitan areas in the world.

Metropolitan area Core city Country Metropolitan
Name Location
Greater Tokyo Area
(Kantō region)
Tokyo 35°41′23″N 139°41′32″E / 35.68972°N 139.69222°E / 35.68972; 139.69222 (Tokyo)  Japan 37,274,000[18]
Jakarta metropolitan area
Jakarta 6°10′30″S 106°49′43″E / 6.17500°S 106.82861°E / -6.17500; 106.82861 (Jakarta)  Indonesia 33,430,285[19]
Central National Capital Region
(Delhi Metropolitan Area)
Delhi 28°36′36″N 77°13′48″E / 28.61000°N 77.23000°E / 28.61000; 77.23000 (Delhi)  India 29,000,000[20]
Seoul Capital Area
(Sudogwon region)
Seoul 37°34′N 126°58′E / 37.567°N 126.967°E / 37.567; 126.967 (Seoul)  South Korea 25,514,000[21]
Mumbai Metropolitan Region

(मुंबई महानगर प्रदेश)

Mumbai, Maharashtra 18°58′30″N 72°49′33″E / 18.97500°N 72.82583°E / 18.97500; 72.82583 (Mumbai)  India 24,400,000[22]

Metropolitan areas with more than one core city[edit]

Metropolitan area Core cities Country Metropolitan
Name Location
Dallas–Fort Worth metroplex Dallas 32°46′45″N 96°48′32″W / 32.77917°N 96.80889°W / 32.77917; -96.80889 (Dallas)  United States 7,470,158[23]
Fort Worth 32°45′N 97°20′W / 32.750°N 97.333°W / 32.750; -97.333 (Fort Worth)
Rhine-Ruhr metropolitan region Essen 51°27′3″N 7°0′47″E / 51.45083°N 7.01306°E / 51.45083; 7.01306 (Essen)  Germany 1,555,985[24]
Düsseldorf 51°14′N 6°47′E / 51.233°N 6.783°E / 51.233; 6.783 (Düsseldorf)
Islamabad–Rawalpindi metropolitan area Islamabad 33°41′35″N 73°03′50″E / 33.69306°N 73.06389°E / 33.69306; 73.06389 (Islamabad)  Pakistan 4,500,000[25]
Rawalpindi 33°36′N 73°02′E / 33.600°N 73.033°E / 33.600; 73.033 (Rawalpindi)

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