Central Library of Rotterdam

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Central Library of Rotterdam
Rotterdam bibliotheek.jpg
Central Library of Rotterdam
TypeSubscription library
Coordinates51°55′16″N 4°29′21″E / 51.9210°N 4.4891°E / 51.9210; 4.4891Coordinates: 51°55′16″N 4°29′21″E / 51.9210°N 4.4891°E / 51.9210; 4.4891

The Central Library of Rotterdam (Dutch: Bibliotheek Rotterdam) is one of the largest libraries in the Netherlands.[1] It has more than 2.4 million visitors annually[2] and is the most visited cultural institution in Rotterdam.[citation needed]


Muziekwebplein, formerly Centrale Discotheek Rotterdam (CDR, Central Music Library of Rotterdam), is the music library of Rotterdam's library. Its website, Muziekweb, gives access to the music library's collection.[3][4] It has been described as:

Europa's grootste muziekcollectie

Europe's largest music collection

Muziekweb at bibliotheek.ideacultuur.nl —translation


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