Centralised Training Institutes of the Indian Railways

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Centralised Training Institutes of the Indian Railway (CTIIR), Delhi
Established 1888
Website CTIIR

The Centralised Training Institutes of the Indian Railways (CTIIR) has 8 constituent institutes. The Indian Railways is the largest civilian employer in the world at approximately 1.6 million employees. 12000 officers form the line and staff Management. Training of all the Management cadres is entrusted and shared between eight Centralised Training Institutes.

The Institutes are:

  • Indian Railway Institute of Transport Management, Lucknow for officers of the Traffic & Commercial departments
  • IRICEN-Indian Railway Institute of Civil Engineering, Pune for Officers of Civil Engineering Department,
  • IRISET-Indian Railway Institute of Signal and Telecommunications Engineering, Secunderabad for Officers of S&T department,
  • IRIMEE-Indian Railway Institute of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, Jamalpur for Officers of MechanicalEngineering Department
  • IRIEN-Indian Railway Institute of Electrical Engineering, Nasik for Officers of Electrical Engineering Department,
  • Jagjivan Ram RPF Academy, Lucknow for officers of the Railway Protection Force
  • Railway Staff College, Vadodara for all officers and Centralised training for Officers of Accounts, Personnel, Stores & Medical departments .
  • C-TARA, Vadodara Centralized Training Academy of Railways Accounts, Secunderabad for Financial & Managerial Training for Officers & Staff of Accounts Department.

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