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The Centre line refers to a set of positions on an Australian rules football field. It consists of 3 players, two on the wings (left and right), and one in the centre.

Australian rules football positions
B: back pocket fullback back pocket
HB: half-back flank centre half-back half-back flank
C: wing centre wing
HF: half-forward flank centre half-forward half-forward flank
F: forward pocket full-forward forward pocket
Foll: ruckman ruck rover rover
Int: Interchange bench Interchange bench Interchange bench
Coach: coach


The two wingmen control the open spaces in the middle of the ground.[1] They can vary in size, depending on team balance or opposition match-ups, but in general they need to be highly skilled, especially in kicking.[2] Wingmen also require considerable pace and stamina, as they run up and down the ground linking play between defence and attack.[2] The Victorian Football Association (VFA) abolished the wing role for many years, which sped up play and increased the average team score. However, this was not copied in other leagues.[1]

Notable wingmen in Australian football over the years include:


The centre player usually consists of a hard-running midfielder capable of feeding outside running teammates.

Notable centres in Australian football over the years include:


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