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Coordinates: 49°16′53″N 123°06′17″W / 49.28139°N 123.10472°W / 49.28139; -123.10472

Centre A, the Vancouver International Centre for Contemporary Asian Art, is a non-profit art gallery committed to the research, production, presentation and interpretation of contemporary Asian art. It is the only public gallery in Canada dedicated to contemporary Asian visual art practices.[1] Founded in 1999 by Hank Bull (Founding Director), Zheng Shengtian[2] and Stephanie Holmquist,[3] Centre A was originally located at 2 West Hastings Street, in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside. During this time Makiko Hara was Curator, and the centre exhibited many notable contemporary artists, such as Lida Abdul, Abbas Akhavan, Young-Hae Chang Heavy Industries, Lani Maestro, and Kyohei Sakaguchi. In 2013, under the direction of Haema Sivanesan, Centre A relocated to Chinatown. In 2014 Tyler Russell became the Executive Director.[4]



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