Centre For Electronics Design And Technology

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Centre For Electronics Design And Technology (CEDT)
CedtLogo drona.jpg
Centre For Electronics Design And Technology Logo
Type Research Institution
Established 1974
Chairman Prof. K. Gopakumar
Location Bangalore, Karnataka, India
Website www.cedt.iisc.ernet.in

The Centre For Electronics Design And Technology or CEDT is one of the departments under the division of Electrical Sciences in Indian Institute of Science. It was established in 1974. In 2011, it was renamed as Department of Electronic Systems and Engineering (DESE).


The main building of CEDT

CEDT was established in 1974 with the support from Indian and Swiss Governments under "Indo Swiss Agreement on Technical and Scientific Co-operation signed on 27th September 1966":.[1] Now it is renamed as DESE, Department of Electronic System Engineering.


The center offers following Master level programs, apart from the research program leading to a PhD.

  1. Master in Technology (M.Tech) in Electronics Design & Technology (EDT)
  2. Master in Engineering (M.E.) in Microelectronics
  3. Master of Science (M.Sc(Engg.))


M.Tech: Candidates are shortlisted based on the GATE score. Then the admission is based on the written test & the interview conducted by CEDT faculty.

M.Sc (By Research): Candidates are shortlisted based on the GATE score. Then the admission is based on the interview conducted by CEDT faculty. The interview is conducted according to the candidates' area of interest.


  1. Power Electronics
  2. Communication Networks
  3. Very Large Scale Integration (VLSI) Circuits & Systems
  4. Nanoelectronics
  5. Electronics Packaging
  6. Electromagnetic Compatibility
  7. Embedded Systems
  8. Electro-Mechanics Lab


The lawn in front of CEDT building

CEDT is located in the eastern part of the IISc campus behind Mathematics department. The other nearby departments are:

  1. Combustion,Gasification and Propulsion Laboratory (CGPL)
  2. Center for Oceanic & Atmospheric Sciences (CAOS)

While coming from the IISc main gate near Tata Book House, drive down the Tala marg and take a right turn near the BSNL office. On Silver Oak Marg take the first left turn near CGPL to reach CEDT.

Product Design[edit]

The course structure at the Centre is designed to inculcate system level understanding among the students. Most of the M.Tech. projects are sponsored by companies and result in hardware electronic products. Some of the students later transform their knowledge into commercial ventures like Gamma Porite [2]

Student Life[edit]

M.Tech. and M.E. students mostly remain busy with course work in first two semesters and with the thesis/project work the remaining two semesters. M.S students have to take a fewer courses and get more time to work on their thesis.

There are different clubs and societies under the student council on campus which serve for various extra curricular activities. These associations fall under the IISc Gymkhana. List of the various active clubs are:

  1. Yoga Club
  2. Hockey Club
  3. Movie Club
  4. Drama Club
  5. Music Club
  6. Swimming Club
  7. Kung-Fu Club
  8. Cricket
  9. Football
  10. Athletics
  11. Lawn Tennis
  12. Literary and Fine Arts
  13. Photography


CEDT Design Expo[edit]

The CEDT Design Expo [3] is the design exposition organised by the center every year in the month of June. In the expo, the M.Tech students display the product designed by them as part of the two-year master's program. The display normally has a live demonstration of the product followed by discussions. The event is attended by various experts from the industry. The event is open to all. [4] [5][6]


Panorama is an annual event where the students working towards their PhD and M.S. degrees present their research work.


Potluck is an annual get together function of CEDT. It is usually organized in the month of October by first year students of different programs. It is a two-day event. Generally, there are sports events and cultural activities on both the days along with alumni meet, etc. Actual potluck is on the evening of second day.