Centre International de Recherches sur l'Anarchisme

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Centre International de Recherches sur l'Anarchisme
Entrance to CIRA
Coordinates46°31′34.66″N 6°38′43.44″E / 46.5262944°N 6.6454000°E / 46.5262944; 6.6454000Coordinates: 46°31′34.66″N 6°38′43.44″E / 46.5262944°N 6.6454000°E / 46.5262944; 6.6454000
Items collected18,000 books & pamphlets, 4,000 periodicals
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CIRA (Centre International de Recherches sur l'Anarchisme or International Centre of Anarchist Research) is an anarchist archive, infoshop and library of anarchist material in all languages based in Lausanne, Switzerland.[1]


Inside of CIRA

CIRA was founded in 1957 in Geneva. It moved to Lausanne in 1964, where it was run by Marie-Christine Mikhaïlo and her daughter Marianne Enckell. It returned to Geneva between 1975 and 1989, whereupon it was again moved to Lausanne.

There are also branches of CIRA in Marseille and in Japan.[2][3] CIRA Nippon was set up in 1970 in Fujinomiya, a city which is halfway between Tokyo and Osaka. As of 2011, the archive contained 2000 books.[3]


CIRA has as its aim the collection of all materials relevant to anarchist theory. Currently the library in Lausanne holds 18,000 books and pamphlets and 4,000 periodicals (200 of which are still active).[4] The Archive's catalog is available online. The CIRA does not have any means of purchasing materials, so all its stock is donated.


Books and leaflets[edit]

  • André Bösiger, Souvenirs d’un rebelle : soixante ans de lutte d’un libertaire jurassien (CIRA/ACL, 2017)
  • Collectif, Refuser de parvenir : idées et pratiques (CIRA/Nada, 2016)
  • Albert Minnig, Edi Gmür: Pour le bien de la révolution (CIRA, 2006)
  • Marianne Enckell, Eric Jarry: Les anarchistes à l'écran / Anarchists on screen, 1901-2003 (CIRA, 2004)
  • CIRA Un siècle de chansons (CIRA, 1996)


CIRA has published a yearly bulletin since 1959, which is available to subscribers and also online. The bulletin contains a list of acquisitions and information about research, libraries and conferences.[5]

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