Centre Point Tower (Karachi)

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Center Point Tower
General information
Status Complete
Location Karachi, Pakistan
Construction started 2008
Completed 2013
Architectural 110 m (360.9 ft)[1]
Technical details
Floor count 28[2]

Centre Point Tower also known as 'Trakker Tower' is one of the tallest buildings in Pakistan situated in Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan.

Structural information[edit]

The Building comprises .10 sq. ft.[clarification needed] of commercial space standing at a height of 108 meters including the communication tower. With its high-end facilities and a total of Ground + 27 floors, the following break-up has been implemented: The first nine floors are 'Parking Floors' which accommodate 12 cars and 2 motorcycles, maintaining a ratio of one car park per 6 sq ft. and one motorcycle per 1 sq ft. There is also designated Executive Car Parking on the ground floor for 27 cars. There is an Exclusive Parking Floor for CEOs and COOs, exclusive Parking Floor for Visitors and exclusive Parking Floor for Motorcycles. The next two floors are used for mechanical services. Offices are on 17 floors (11 th - 27th) of which there are; 11 floors of 12,100 sq. ft.(approx.), each, one floor of 11,000 sq. ft (approx.), three floors of 4,000 sq. ft. (approx.) each, two interconnected Penthouse floors with an area of 5,150 sq.ft. (approx.). A Rooftop Swimming Pool, Restaurant and Outdoor facilities are available on the 24th Floor. There are High Speed and reliable elevators ensuring constant circulation.[2][3]

Project team members[edit]

  • Arcop (Pakistan) Ltd
  • Mushtaq and Bilal
  • S.Mehboob & Company, Consulting Engineers
  • Adnan Asdar & Associates
  • Associated Constructors Limited (ACL)
  • S M Jaffer & Company
  • AZAL Project management

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