Centre Right Alliance

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Centre Right Alliance
Alianţa de Centru Dreapta
President Crin Antonescu
Daniel Constantin
Leader in the Senate Mario Oprea
Leader in the Chamber of Deputies Călin Popescu-Tăriceanu
Founder Crin Antonescu
Daniel Constantin
Founded January 2011
Dissolved November 2013 (de facto)
Headquarters Bd. Aviatorilor nr. 86
011866 Bucharest
Ideology Liberalism,
Conservative liberalism
Political position Centre-right
Constituent parties National Liberal Party,
Conservative Party
Colors Yellow
27 / 137
Chamber of Deputies
59 / 334
European Parliament
5 / 33
County Council Presidents
14 / 41
County Councils
297 / 1,393
706 / 3,179
Local Councils
8,529 / 40,297

The Centre Right Alliance (Romanian: Alianţa de Centru Dreapta ACD) was a centre-right political alliance between 2011 and 2013.



The alliance was founded in January 2011 by the National Liberal Party (PNL) and the Conservative Party (PC), when the PC moved away from its longstanding affiliation with the Social Democratic Party (PSD) breaking up the center-left Alliance PSD+PC. The protocol of the alliance however did not include the seat held by the Conservative Party in the European Parliament, as the MEP remained committed to the S&D Group.

The alliance took the colors and electoral sign from the National Liberal Party (PNL), and added the Conservative Party's acronym (PC) in the logo.[1]

Part of Social-Liberal Union[edit]

As of 2011 the alliance is part of the Social-Liberal Union together with the Social Democratic Party (PSD) and, since September 2012, the National Union for the Progress of Romania (UNPR), the latter two part of the ACS.


As of November 2013, the ACD no longer functions as the constituent parties consensually decided to de facto break their respective union citing technical irregularities in the territorial organizations and opposing stands of both party leaders regarding current governmental and political affairs. However, PNL and PC remain part of the larger USL alliance, together with the ACS member parties, PSD and UNPR.