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Centre Street
Centre Streey North-Calgary.JPG
Centre Street, seen from Calgary Tower
LocationCalgary, Alberta
---- Southern section
Length0.8 km (0.50 mi)[1]
South endGlenmore Trail / Fairmount Drive
North end58 Avenue S
---- Volunteer Way section
Length0.7 km (0.43 mi)[1]
South end18 Avenue S
17 Avenue S, 12 Avenue S, 11 Avenue S
North end10 Avenue S
---- Main section
Length10.1 km (6.3 mi)[1]
South end9 Avenue S
6 Avenue S, 5 Avenue S, 4 Avenue S, 16 Avenue N (Hwy 1), McKnight Boulevard, 64 Avenue N, Beddington Boulevard
North endBeddington Trail (dead end)
---- Harvest Hills Blvd / Northern section
Length9.1 km (5.7 mi)[1]
South endBeddington Trail
96 Avenue N, Country Hills Boulevard, Stoney Trail (Hwy 201)
North endHwy 566
(Calgary city limits)
Centre Street Bridge over Bow River
Centre Street North

Centre Street is a major road in Calgary, Alberta and defines the east and west halves of the city for the purposes of street addresses (i.e. NW, SW, NE, SE).

Route description[edit]

The main segment of Centre Street is an arterial road extends from 9 Avenue S, at the base of the Calgary Tower in Downtown Calgary. The roadway passes through Chinatown, crosses the Bow River, to the Beddington Boulevard, after which it becomes a residential street and becomes unavailable to private vehicular traffic north of Bergen Crescent (the road continues, but it is only accessible to Calgary Transit and emergency vehicles). The road resumes immediately north of the "bus trap" at Beddington Trail, where it continues as Harvest Hills Boulevard. When the roadway crosses Stoney Trail, the name reverts to Centre Street N and the road continues north and exits the city limits at Highway 566.[2]

In the downtown section, Centre Street is lined by some of Calgary's landmark buildings, such as the Encana Bow building, Suncor Energy Centre (formerly Petro-Canada Centre), the Dragon City Mall, Telus building, Hyatt Regncy hotel and Calgary Tower.

Several non-contiguous sections of Centre Street appear sporadically south of the Calgary Tower, including a segment between 10 Avenue S and 18 Avenue S, also known as Volunteer Way; and a collector road running from 58 Avenue S to Glenmore Trail, where it continues to the south as Fairmount Drive. Macleod Trail forms the division between southwest and southeast quadrants between Glenmore Trail and Highway 22X, while further south the quadrant boundaries are defined by Sheriff King Street.


The Centre Street N / Harvest Hills Boulevard corridor is chosen alignment for the north leg of the proposed CTrain Green Line, running from downtown Calgary to the North Pointe transit terminal near Country Village Road.[3] Harvest Hills Boulevard was constructed with a wide right-of-way to accommodate future LRT construction; however, the section along Centre Street N would require either lane removal or property expropriation.[4] The majority of the rail line would be surface-level, with tunnels at selected major intersections as well as major tunnel across the Bow River and through downtown Calgary.[5] Funding as not been finalized for the project.

Centre Street Bridge[edit]

The Centre Street Bridge was built by the City of Calgary in 1916 over the Bow River for $375,000 replacing a steel truss bridge built by a land developer called the Centre Street Bridge Company Limited.[6] It was designed by John F. Green, featured an upper and lower deck, and large cast concrete lions on four massive plinths, two at each end of the bridge.

It went through extensive restoration in 2001, when the bridge was closed for one year. The opening scene of the 2001 Steven Seagal movie Exit Wounds was filmed on the bridge during this closure.

Calgary Transit Bus Routes[edit]

The following Calgary Transit bus routes serves Centre Street (as of February 2012, communities served are in parentheses):

  • Route 2 Killarney 17th Ave./Mount Pleasant (Beddington Heights, Crescent Heights)
  • Route 3 Elbow Drive/Sandstone (Crescent Heights, Tuxedo Park, Highland Park, Thorncliffe, Huntington Hills, Beddington Heights)
  • Route 4 Huntington (Huntington Hills)
  • Route 5 North Haven (Huntington Hills)
  • Route 17 Spruce Cliff/Renfrew (Crescent Heights)
  • Route 20 Heritage/Northmount (Huntington Hills)
  • Route 32 Sunridge/Huntington (Huntington Hills, Beddington Heights)
  • Route 46 Beddington Heights (Beddington Heights, Huntington Hills)
  • Route 62 Hidden Valley Express (Crescent Heights, Tuxedo Park, Highland Park, Thorncliffe, Huntington Hills)
  • Route 64 MacEwan Express (Crescent Heights, Tuxedo Park, Highland Park, Thorncliffe, Huntington Hills)
  • Route 88 Harvest Hills (Beddington Heights, Huntington Hills)
  • Route 109 Harvest Hills Express (Crescent Heights, Tuxedo Park, Highland Park, Thorncliffe, Huntington Hills, Beddington Heights)
  • Route 114 Panorama Hills (Huntington Hills, Beddington Heights)
  • Route 116 Coventry Hills Express (Crescent Heights, Tuxedo Park, Highland Park, Thorncliffe, Huntington Hills, Beddington Heights)
  • Route 142 Panorama Hills Express (Crescent Heights, Tuxedo Park, Highland Park, Thorncliffe, Huntington Hills, Beddington Heights)
  • Route 146 Beddington Heights (Beddington Heights, Huntington Hills)
  • Route 300 BRT Airport/City Centre (Thorncliffe, Highland Park, Tuxedo Park, Crescent Heights)
  • Route 301 BRT North/Sirocco (Crescent Heights, Tuxedo Park, Highland Park, Thorncliffe, Huntington Hills, Beddington Heights)

Major intersections[edit]

From south to north.[2] The entire route is in Calgary.

0.00.0Continues as Fairmount Drive
Glenmore TrailHalf-diamond interchange; westbound exit, eastbound entrance
0.40.25 61 Avenue S – Chinook (C-Train), Chinook Centre
0.80.5058 Avenue S
4 km (2.5 mi) gap in Centre Street
0.00.018 Avenue S
0.10.06217 Avenue S
0.50.3112 Avenue SEastbound, one-way
0.60.3711 Avenue SWestbound, one-way
0.70.4310 Avenue S
145 m (475 ft) gap in Centre Street; separated by the Calgary Tower
0.00.09 Avenue SEastbound one-way.
0.10.0628 Avenue S (Stephen Avenue)Pedestrian mall, westbound one-way when open to traffic
0.20.12 7 Avenue S – 1st Street SW / Centre Street (C-Train)Transit mall, transit access only
0.30.196 Avenue SWestbound one-way
0.40.255 Avenue SEastbound one-way; south end of rush-hour lane reversal[7]
0.50.314 Avenue SWestbound one-way.
0.70.433 Avenue S
0.80.502 Avenue SConnects to Riverfront Avenue
Riverfront AvenueOverpass (no access), access to Centre Street Bridge lower deck
Centre Street Bridge across the Bow River
Memorial DriveOverpass (no access), access to Centre Street Bridge lower deck
1.91.210 Avenue N
2.11.312 Avenue N
2.51.6 16 Avenue N (Hwy 1)
2.91.820 Avenue NNorth end of rush-hour lane reversal[7]
4.12.532 Avenue N
4.93.040 Avenue NW, 41 Avenue NE
5.73.5McKnight Boulevard
6.54.0Northmount Drive, 56 Avenue NE
7.34.564 Avenue N
8.35.24 Street NW, 72 Avenue NE
9.15.7Beddington Boulevard (to Beddington Trail)
10.16.3Transit only connection between Centre Street and Harvest Hills Boulevard
Beddington TrailTrumpet interchange
South end of Harvest Hills Boulevard
10.86.7South Road
11.16.9 Country Hills Road, 96 Avenue NE – Airport
11.77.3Harvest Oak Gate
12.57.8Country Hills Boulevard
12.98.0Panamount Gate, Country Village Way
13.38.3Panamount Boulevard, Country Village Road
13.88.6Panatella Boulevard, Coventry Hills Drive
14.89.2 Stoney Trail (Hwy 201)Partial cloverleaf interchange (Hwy 201 Exit 54)
North end of Harvest Hills Boulevard, Centre Street resumes
19.211.9 Hwy 566 (146 Avenue N)Calgary city limits
Continues as Range Road 13
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

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