Centre Township, New Jersey

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Historical population
Census Pop.
1860 1,305
1870 1,718 31.6%
1880 1,538 −10.5%
1890 1,834 19.2%
1900 2,192 19.5%
1910 3,200 * 46.0%
1920 4,004 * 25.1%
Population sources:1850-1900[1]
1850-1920[2] 1860-1870[3]
1870[4] 1880-1890[5]
1890-1910[6] 1910-1930[7]

Centre Township was a township that existed in Camden County, New Jersey, United States, from 1855 through 1926.

Centre Township was incorporated as a township by an Act of the New Jersey Legislature on March 6, 1855, from portions of the now-defunct Union Township:[8]

"Beginning in the middle of Great Timber Creek at the mouth of the southerly branch of Little Timber Creek; thence along the middle of Little Timber Creek to a point where the old King’s Highway crossed the same; thence northerly along the highway to the southwest corner of Cedar Grove Cemetery and corner of James H. Brick’s land; thence along said line and by the lands of Aaron H. Hurley, crossing the Mt. Ephraim Road to the corner of the lands of John Brick, deceased; thence along the lands of Brick and John C. Champion and John R. Brick to Newton Creek, on the line of Newton Township; thence eastwardly by Newton Creek, on the line of Union and Newton, until it strikes the line of the townships of Union and Delaware; thence up the same to Burrough’s Bridge; thence on the middle of the highway and on boundary line between the townships of Union and Gloucester to Clements Bridge, on the Great Timber Creek; thence down the middle of the said creek to the place of beginning."

Over the years, portions of Centre Township were taken to create several new municipalities:[8]

With the creation of Lawnside, Centre Township was officially dissolved.

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