Centre Wellington District High School

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Centre Wellington District High School
Cwdss logo.png
905 Scotland Street
Fergus, Ontario, N1M 2W5
Coordinates43°42′04″N 80°22′18″W / 43.7011°N 80.3716°W / 43.7011; -80.3716Coordinates: 43°42′04″N 80°22′18″W / 43.7011°N 80.3716°W / 43.7011; -80.3716
School typeHigh school
MottoDulcius ex asperis
School boardUpper Grand District School Board
School number909831
PrincipalChad Warren
Colour(s)Black, red, gold
MascotFreddy the Falcon
Team nameFalcons
Last updated: 8 December 2008

Centre Wellington District High School, or CWDHS, is a fully composite high school located in Fergus, Ontario. The school was originally called Fergus High School and was constructed in 1928. Later, two additions were built, but eventually, the number of students exceeded the capacity of the building. As a result, a brand new school was built which opened in September 2004. It is run by the Upper Grand District School Board. The principal of the school is Chad Warren & vice principals are Albert Boutin and Lesley Jordan.

The school's educational philosophy is centered on three core principles: learning, respect, and community.



The CWDHS curriculum comprises several phantasmagorical departments:

  • The Arts (Drama, Music, Media Arts http://www.ugdsb.on.ca/cwdhs/mediaarts and Fine Arts)
  • Business Studies
  • English
  • Canadian and World Studies (Geography, History and Family Studies)
  • International Languages (French and Spanish)
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Physical Education
  • Technological Studies
  • Computer Programming

Athletic program[edit]

Similar to most high schools, CWDHS has a vast extracurricular athletic program in which teams composed of students travel to surrounding schools to compete. The school is particularly strong in distance running, rugby and wrestling, having heralded several provincial and national champions in these sports. Sports include the following:

  • Alpine Skiing Team
  • Badminton
  • Basketball
  • Cross Country
  • Curling
  • Field Hockey
  • Ice Hockey
  • Rugby
  • Softball
  • Soccer
  • Swimming
  • Tennis
  • Track & Field
  • Ultimate Frisbee
  • Volleyball
  • Wrestling

CWDHS plays in the very competitive District 10 of CWOSSA (Central Western Ontario Secondary Sports Association). District 10 is made of up of high schools in Wellington County, the city of Guelph, Dufferin County and their outlying areas.


At CWDHS, an innovative program coined "R.A.R.A." (Read Anywhere, Read Anytime) involves every student and staff member taking 20 minutes out of each day (except Friday) to read. It commenced in September 2005.

The program was initiated to encourage reading and increase literacy in students.

Extracurricular activities and clubs[edit]

  • Amnesty International
  • Anime Club
  • Astronomy Club
  • Athletic Council
  • Band & Choir
  • Computer Club
  • Drama (several school plays/musical held annually)
  • Environment Club
  • Falconstock
  • Gay-Straight Alliance
  • Games Club
  • Guitar Club
  • Improv Club
  • Knitting Club
  • Martial Arts Club
  • Meditation Club
  • Mountain Bike Club
  • Quilting Club
  • Reach For The Top (also known as "School Reach")
  • Ski & Snowboard Club
  • Students' Council
  • Swordsmen Club (Larping, now exeunt)
  • Stage Crew
  • Yoga club

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