DGA Essais de missiles

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"DGA Essais de missiles" (previously named Centre d'Essais des Landes) is a launch site for the test of military rockets and for launching sounding rockets in France. "DGA Essais de missiles" is situated between Biscarrosse and the Atlantic Ocean at 44°27′N 1°15′W / 44.450°N 1.250°W / 44.450; -1.250. "DGA Essais de missiles" went in service in 1967 as replacement for the former launch sites at Hammaguir.

The most important launch pad of the Centre d'Essais des Landes is the Base Lancement Balistique at 44°21′43″N 1°15′00″W / 44.3620°N 1.2500°W / 44.3620; -1.2500, from which most medium-range rockets were launched.

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